World Class Live ICO Conferences: Where the Smart Money Goes

60+ crypto investors at Crypto Investor's Night in Fullerton Hotel Singapore by Priority Token

The toughest decisions in life often have the greatest rewards, but they also come with the greatest risks. Such is the case when choosing an ICO to invest in. While an estimated 48% of ICOs fail, many do succeed. For example, if you didn’t invest early in Ethereum you missed a jaw-dropping 230,000% ROI. Ouch!

Part of the challenge in choosing where to invest is the rapidly growing number of ICOs. $95 million was raised in 2016 for 43 projects which increased to 3.88 billion raised for 210 crowd sales in 2017. In Q1 of 2018 alone there was 5 billion in investment and the popular rating platform ICOBench now has over 1,500 projects listed.

While the average ICO investment is estimated at $300, a big player could easily invest $20,000 to $150,000. Some estimates show 84% of all tokens are sold during private and pre-sales events to large investors. So, if you’re an ICO looking for large investment then a live ICO conference is the place to be.

5 Features of a World Class ICO Conference

An ICO conference could be a trade show with 1,000s of attendees, but a new breed of ICO conference is preferred by larger investors. These are typically limited in audience size and only a few select ICOs are invited.

While these types of events aren’t cheap, they’re worth every penny if you get results. However, some don’t deliver what they promise. How can you know which events to attend and which to avoid? Here are the five attributes of a world class live ICO conference.

1. Shortlist of Top ICOs
If you’re ready to invest $150,000 in an ICO, you ideally want a small group of blue-chip ICOs to choose from. But how do you find and evaluate them? Since your final investment decision comes down to a gut decision, you need the most trustworthy information you can find.

A top event firm will shortlist and match the best ICO projects to meet your investment needs. When you have a limited number of top ICOs to choose from it’s much easier to compare and decide. A top ICO conference includes a carefully selected group of 5 to 7 of top ICOs that match with investor’s interests.

2. Prequalified Investors
If you’re the CEO of ICO you need investment fast to reach your softcap and survive. While it’s good to get a lot of investors, a few large ones could be worth 500 or more small ones. And these big investors are more likely to be found at a live ICO conference.

With pre-screened investors reviewing your ICO the odds are in your favor of finding interested and knowledgeable investors with the money to spend. Attending a live ICO event is your best chance to rapidly get the investment you need.

3. The Best Locations
The best location for an ICO is where the most investors are. These may be held in the central business district of a major city and could take place in venues like blockchain centers, innovative co-working spaces or blockchain meetups.

Blockchain conference in Hangzhou, China by Priority Token

The best events are organized by full-scope advisory firms with local partners who have detailed statistics and analysis on local investors. Further, events are usually held in regions with lots of ICO investment activity such as the Middle East, Asia and the UK.

4. Event Agenda Best Practices
Now that we’ve covered what happens before a live ICO event, let’s look at what probably happens at one. Panel discussions are held to raise the most important industry issues. And in most cases, the panelists themselves are big investors. The topics they typically discuss are related to investing such as how to choose the best ICOs for investment purposes.

Another best practice is ICO pitch competitions where each ICO gets an allotted amount of time on stage to present their pitch deck. Next, one-on-one networking and pre-arranged private meetings take place with drinks, appetizers and other amenities to create just the right atmosphere.

5. Follow-up Activities
Investors that attend a live ICO conference often don’t come ready to sign a check. It’s after the event that investment takes place. So, follow-up with investors is critical. And top event organizers do the follow-up for you. Not only do they follow-up with those who attended but also those that registered and didn’t attend.

Pitch decks and other materials are sent out to investors so they have all the information they need. Event organizers then gather detailed feedback from investors and arrange additional follow-up activities such as private meetings.

Where to Find a World Class Live ICO Conference

Now you know where to find top investors and ICOs, where can you find a top live event? A good place to start is with a full-scope advisory firm like Priority Token. Their events bring together pre-selected investors from an extensive network of global partners and match them with top ICOs pre-qualified by their team of experts.

Priority Token decides where to hold events based on detailed statistics of where projects get their fundraising. Their events are usually held where there is the most ICO investment. This includes regions in the Middle East, Asia and the UK. Events may take place at 5-star hotels in central business districts, innovative co-working spaces or blockchain centers — wherever the investment action is. Here are a few of their upcoming events.

Crypto Investors 5 O’clock Tea in London, England — July 24, 2018

London is known as the global hub of the Blockchain and crypto worlds. It’s the base city of Priority Token, too — where to company is incorporated. ICO Projects that take part will get a chance to meet more than 40 crypto investors as well as community leaders and influencers.

Are you an Interested ICO? You must apply before June 27 and meet Priority Token’s applicant standards. Seats are limited. Contact the event team for details.

Asian Tour — 3rd Edition (4 Cities) — August 7th — 15th

You can join Priority Token on their 4 city Asian tour with more than 40 crypto investors, community leaders, and influencers at each event. This includes Singapore (7 August), Kuala Lumpur (10 August), Ho Chi Minh City (13 August), and Hong Kong (15 August).

Attending ICOs will take part in an exciting pitch competition with judging jury. Are you an Interested ICO? You must apply before July 10th and meet Priority Token’s applicant standards. Seats are limited. Contact the event team for details.