TAU Coin Announces First Mobile Mining Network


TAU Coin is excited to announce the development of the first mobile mining network, scheduled for February 1, 2019. TAU coin has been experiencing a huge surge in interest, with wallet installations increasing over 300% in less than a month, bringing the total user count to 103,960 as of the time of writing this release.

TAU mobile mining will launch along with its mainnet on February 1st, 2019 and will be the first major cryptocurrency to have mining capabilities available to users in the palm of their hand.

The last few weeks have been a rollercoaster ride for the popular cryptocurrency, with the launch and subsequent closure of the TAU X program. As it stands, the only way to get TAU coins is through one of the major bounty programs that have been launched. Called the “Big Rocket Bounty”, the 3 programs center on community contributions to further develop the TAU ecosystem.

Mobile mining will be critical to the Tau vision of a true community coin. By building the system to run on a device as simple as a mobile phone, TAU will open up the world of mining to everyone.

Founder David Wu (iMorpheus) wrote, “TAU distribution stays the same on faucet and bounty. User base continuously grows on huge momentum with almost 10,000 new comers in one day. Taucointalk.org is hot and 15 national telegrams are in service. We love to share user base to all community entrepreneurs and developers. TAU bounty will encourage consensus debate, project development and TAUcoin based startup.”

Over the past several weeks, TAU Coin continues to surpass all expectations, with over 100,000 TAU Coin wallets being downloaded so far, as mentioned above. That huge interest coupled with the brave decision to cancel the TAU X program have made this a “pure community coin” says David Wu. “Proof of Transaction consensus on full mobile mining permission-less network is currently the most important work for TAU development.”

TAU coin still has a lot to prove, but it’s definitely made history with it’s huge community and its mobile mining ambitions.