Public Speaking at Blockchain Events: 3 Powerful Questions to Plan a Winning Speech

If you were giving one of the most important business speeches of your life at one the largest blockchain events, how would you succeed? I interviewed speakers at the worlds largest blockchain conference and asked them to share their public speaking success strategy.

Blockchain Expo North America is taking place on Nov 28-29, 2018 in Silicon Valley. It promises to be one of the largest events in the industry with 13,000+ attendees, 500+ speakers and 300+ exhibitors. Of the 150 speakers contacted, nine entrepreneurs had some of the best answers to the following questions.

  • How will your talk be meaningful for attendees?
  • What specific tips or insights will listeners get?
  • Why did you decide to give this talk?

How will your talk be meaningful for attendees?

Josh Lawler leads the new technology group at law firm Zuber Lawler & Del Duca. What’s meaningful about his talk he says is he’ll help you stay out of jail. Lawler advises that, “failure to attend our conference and to avail yourself of expert counsel can create catastrophic regulatory problems.”

Another compelling answer was from Adam Lesh, VP of Technology for blockchain entertainment studio SingularDTV. He says his talk will solve the biggest pain point for independent artists – control over their intellectual property. Lesh said, “I’ll explain how blockchain technology can smash barriers, cut out the middleman and add transparency so artists can start making money doing what they love.”

Venture Capitalist Dylan Sharkey believes his speech will be meaningful since it helps startups get what they all want – more investment. As a partner with venture capital firm Blockchain Open Fund he helped one of his clients raise $350 million. Attend his talk he says, and “you’ll learn what VCs look for when evaluating startups.”

But more than a meaningful purpose, public speaking should deliver great content. Otherwise, your audience may not remember you after the event. The following three speakers offer some of the best take-aways.

What specific tips or insights will listeners get?

Arnaud Auger works in the innovation lab of the world’s 5th largest bank: BNP Paribas in San Francisco. He says that if you attend his speech, you’ll learn how banks are using blockchain for their payment infrastructure. Specifically, Auger said, “You’ll get insider information from top bankers involved in blockchain on how to partner with a bank.”

Another speaker with valuable tips is Vincent Romney, a 20+ year veteran in cybersecurity. If you’re in the audience during his speech, he says you’ll get insights into the realities of cyber-threats facing blockchain. He added, “I’ll give you the viewpoint of the threat-actors modern enterprises face based on my experience in the military during offensive cyber actions.”

Hob Khadka, Founder and CEO of the travel platform XcelTrip will have some practical pointers for startups. He says he’ll demystify blockchain by cutting out the hype and teach you how to build real use-cases. Khadka added, “our journey has been hard, yet fruitful. I believe our experiences serve as a good case-study for young entrepreneurs.”

But if you’re planning to give an audience the best speech of your life, what’s in it for you? Some speakers were clear on their personal and professional goals.

Why did you decide to give this talk?

David Chin, CEO and co-founder of the contractor management platform Thor had a good professional reason for his talk. His firm just launched their first product, Odin™. He said the conference is “the perfect opportunity to share our project with the world—something we couldn’t pass up.”

Tibor Tarabek is helping shape the future of the global energy market with his firm, Fuergy. More than introducing his product, Tarabek says, “we want to make renewable energy attractive for the general public and spark the global green energy revolution.”

Lastly, Patrick Makedonas of Hello Diamonds said he wants to tell the world how cryptocurrency can be improved. Makedonas says users of his diamond-backed token will “benefit from blockchain technology while not being subject to the volatility of speculative coins.”

Inspired? Ask yourself the same three questions when planning your next speech and you may have a better chance for success : What makes my speech meaningful for my audience? What free advice will listeners get? And, what’s in it for me?