Piper Moretti Spoke at Blockchain Expo North America


Blockchain Speakers Interview Series

The Blockchain Expo conference arrived in Santa Clara on 28-29 November 2018. The conference featured notable experts exploring the industries set to be disrupted most by blockchain technology.

Introducing Piper Moretti

Piper Moretti is the CEO of The Crypto Realty Group, a Los Angeles-based firm that conducts real estate transactions with cryptocurrency. She describes herself as “the one that’s in between – not quite a techie but understanding how it can greatly help us as realtors.” Her group helps facilitate crypto RE transactions, provides consulting services and advises RE blockchain startups. Piper has been featured in numerous top business magazines and was ranked #1 in Entrepreneur Magazine’s 8 Influential Women Making Headlines in Blockchain.

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How was your talk meaningful for Blockchain Expo attendees?

“Audience members learned where to go to invest in real estate in a shifting market. Blockchain is already infiltrating the real estate industry and we’re at a crossroads. Buyers and sellers want less hassle and transparency. Blockchain can help. I discussed trends in blockchain and how it’s affecting the real estate industry.

What specific tips or insights did attendees get?

“Listeners learned how RE startups are already revolutionizing the way we buy and sell properties. They got insights on what startups are on the way, how smart contracts can be used and how transactions work. Further, I told them how to find a realtor to purchase their properties with crypto when the time comes.”

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Why did you decide to give this talk?

“I love meeting new companies out to solve the next big problem with blockchain tech, especially in the real estate industry. It’s exciting and a real honor to be invited to events such as this. Bottom line, I want to help streamline the process and make it more affordable to buy properties for my clients. With all the brilliant minds in the blockchain space, we can accomplish this together.”

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About Blockchain Expo North America

Attendees at Blockchain Expo North America met with over 8,000 + like-minded individuals, 400+ exhibitors such as IBM, SAP, Hyperledger, Stratis, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and Bitfury, in a series of networking opportunities. The Blockchain Expo allowed them to ask questions to the events 250+ thought leading speakers in Q&A sessions.