Online Community for Enterprise Blockchain Launched

Are you interested in using blockchain to help your enterprise succeed? Introducing the Enterprise Insider Community – the place for enterprises to consider their blockchain options. posts original articles about top blockchain firms to help enterprises succeed with this innovative new technology. The Enterprise Blockchain Insider Community is the next step in this process. It helps buyers overcome the complexity and sudden urgency to implement blockchain with a new way to evaluate vendors at their own pace.

10 minutes of talking to the right person can save you 2 weeks of reading

In today’s fast paced technology-driven environment there’s less time to read content. Vendor content is not necessarily focused on a buyer’s specific needs, either. What’s needed is contextual advice. The community lets buyers send direct messages 24/7 to vendors who receive desktop or mobile notifications. Members can avoid the time and cost of travelling to blockchain conferences and instead get quick convenient feedback on their questions. 

Objective advice and the information you need

Before taking someone’s advice you want to know a bit about who they are. Further, you want to know about their company, their products, what they stand for, their customers, their record and their reputation. This is the kind of information we gather and write about in our articles. We’re not paid by vendors to write feature stories. And we’re always looking for new people, products and trends to feature on our site.

How the community works   

The goal of the community is to help both enterprises and blockchain firms succeed. Using the Slack platform, the community provides a main channel called “# enterprise-insider” where vendors can provide free advice. No mention of products or services is allowed in this channel. This creates a pressure-free environment for buyers to get educated. In addition, each vendor has their own private channel for providing in-depth information, sharing case studies or having one-on-one conversations.

Why an exclusive community

Membership is available only to those who’ve been invited. This helps eliminate marketing spam typical of Linkedin groups and other social media. The exclusivity of the community keeps conversations relevant so no one’s time is wasted. If you haven’t yet been invited and think you’re a good fit for the community, you’re welcome to contact with Derek Little, Community Manager on Linkedin.