Jane Zhang Spoke at Blockchain Expo North America

Blockchain Speakers Interview Series

The Blockchain Expo conference arrived in Santa Clara on 28-29 November 2018. The conference featured notable experts exploring the industries set to be disrupted most by blockchain technology.

Introducing Jane Zhang

Jane Zhang is the CEO of ShellPay, a blockchain technology company with offices in Shanghai and Malta working to create a ecosystem to liberate capital and innovation with decentralized networks. ShellPay’s ecosystem will move decision making powers over to the community and the company is building online and offline spaces for this community to interact. Harvard University educated, Jane is a longtime angel investor with early investments in Alibaba and Bitcoin.

How was your talk meaningful for Blockchain Expo attendees?

“I touched upon the ways that ICO funding has not fulfilled its initial promise and how the ShellPay model will eliminate these problems. Building a global ecosystem to empower the community needs involvement from the community and talks like these are part of that effort.

The talk touched upon all the ways that people in the audience can get involved through our virtual community spaces like SkyLedger Media and offline spaces like our SkyPalace incubators. This was also a great opportunity for listeners to learn about the Blockchain space in China which there is a lot of misinformation and misconception about.”

What specific tips or insights did attendees get?

“Our Community Voted Offerings are a revolutionary idea that brings transparency and community involvement in the funding and listing process of new projects. I also discussed our plans for building a worldwide network of physical spaces for innovation and community building called SkyPalaces, the first of which we opened in Shanghai early last year.

Skybox01, our hardware node that enables all these systems to function without interference from third parties will also be showcased. Additionally, our efforts online to create discussion and development was discussed with a special focus on actionable advice for listeners.”

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Why did you decide to give this talk?

“I want to show people that the original vision of a democratized funding and business decision making system did not die with the fall of the ICO. There are better systems that will achieve the original ideas of decentralization.

I was very excited about showcasing the full scope of our ecosystem with incubators, forums, events, applications and hardware. Additionally, I believe there is a lot of misinformation about the thriving Blockchain industry in China and I was able to answer the community’s questions about some common falsehoods.”

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About Blockchain Expo North America

Attendees at Blockchain Expo North America met with over 8,000 + like-minded individuals, 400+ exhibitors such as IBM, SAP, Hyperledger, Stratis, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and Bitfury, in a series of networking opportunities. The Blockchain Expo allowed them to ask questions to the events 250+ thought leading speakers in Q&A sessions.