Introducing the Social Media Event for Real Estate Authors


Brought to you by Dominium, The Über of Real Estate

Published Authors on investing and real estate now have an opportunity to gain more visibility by hosting a live Author AMA Workshop held on They can introduce their ideas, book, products and services to a targeted audience of thousands of interested participants, and at no cost.

Who is Dominium?

Dominium is a new multi-lingual property software platform using blockchain technology that helps real estate professionals, authorities, organizations and investors succeed through a global centralized marketplace for all property related activities. You can learn more about them here.

What is an AMA?

Over the past few years, social news website Reddit has become one of the most popular and powerful sites on the web. It gets over 56 million daily visitors. Reddit invented the idea of the AMA, which means “Ask Me Anything.” This is basically a trendy term used to describe a forum-based Q&A event, happening in real-time event where anyone can ask the host questions. High-profile individuals like Barack Obama and Bill Gates have held such events, now real estate authors can get their turn in the spotlight. Here’s an example of an Author AMA held by Dominium.

Why is Dominium Holding Author AMAs?

Dominium already has more than 23,000 users on their platform. Now they want to build value for them by providing access to good real estate and investment advice. As an author you can your establish yourself as expert and attendees can get good advice. Book topics could include real estate buying or selling, selling your own home, building a real estate investment portfolio, tax or legal issues, or something related.

How You Benefit as an Author

  • Your event will be promoted to Dominium’s 23k+ user base
  • Your book will be promoted to a targeted audience
  • A press release about the event will be published on Google News
  • Your AMA will be marketed on multiple social media channels
  • Your book will featured on the Dominium Subreddit
  • You’ll get a copy of our AMA Q&A Summary for sharing on social media
  • There’s no cost, it only takes 2 hours, and you’ll enjoy yourself.

How You Benefit as a Participant

  • You’ll be taking a step toward financial independence
  • You’ll get valuable money-making tips
  • You can build on what you already know about investing
  • You’ll gain new knowledge on real estate
  • You can get one-on-one advice from an expert
  • Your anonymity is maintained  
  • You can ask newbie questions with no worry

How Dominium Author AMAs Work

Dominium’s AMA process starts when they find an Author who’s a good fit and wants to participate. Their AMAs take place on an ad hoc basis in the Dominium Subreddit. Authors are introduced by their “Reddit proof photo” and their book cover. Over a period of 2-3 hours, participants who have a free Reddit account can post questions or comments.

Win a Free Book

At each engaging event, AMA authors generously give away 5 free books for the five best questions of their choice. As a participant you are not limited to how many questions you can ask. 

How to Participate

If you’re an author interested in participating or if you know a good author, you can visit the Dominium subreddit to make a recommendation in the sidebar. Interested in attending an AMA? Visit the Dominium subreddit and review the authors that will be featured in upcoming Author AMAs.

For More Information

To learn about Dominium, visit their subreddit or contact Derek Little, Dominium Reddit Marketing Director. Derek is a freelance copywriter and marketing consultant specializing in Blockchain. He writes interview articles of blockchain leaders and arranges Reddit events. For more information about Derek, visit his blog at