Enterprise Blockchain Buyer’s Survey and Podcast Series

BlockchainTrailblazers.com announces a new enterprise blockchain buyers survey and podcast series to help blockchain buyers evaluate vendors and implement this transformative technology.

BlockchainTrailblazers.com was launched to interview blockchain vendors and find the best products and services that help enterprises reach their goals. The new survey will improve on this by telling the buyer’s side of the story.

How to Buy and Sell Blockchain Solutions

Based on Derek Little’s book, The B2B Marketer’s Journey, the survey will uncover answers to key questions enterprises would typically ask during their blockchain buying process. This includes the following three stages:

  • Problem stage
  • Consideration stage
  • Decision stage

In chapter five of the book, each stage of the buying process is summed up in 4-5 questions. Ten of these questions cover the first two stages of the journey, and are the starting point for the survey. Multiple surveys will be conducted with each focusing on a particular use case, such as Supply Chain.

Bringing Blockchain Vendors and Buyers Together

The survey is sent only to select participants, and includes questions such as: What are our competitors doing? What can go wrong? and, What are the best practices? The accompanying podcast series will feature people, products and trends in blockchain and give enterprises a convenient way to get the information they need. Podcast guests will get a chance to help enterprise buyers through their journey while showcasing their products and services.

Each podcast will focus on a particular industry. Podcast listeners who want more information can login to the Enterprise Blockchain Insider community to access to the latest research and chat live with podcast guests.

The Information You Need About Blockchain

The Enterprise Blockchain Buyer’s Survey, podcast and online community help enterprises get the information they need. The survey provides a meaningful starting point for conversation, the podcast introduces enterprises to new products and services, and the online community gives enterprises a convenient way to get expert feedback on their unique needs.

Survey results are available to all members of the Enterprise Blockchain Insider Community. If you’re not yet a member, contact Derek Little on Linkedin.