How to Change the World with Blockchain Technology

298 announces the launch of its new weekly newsletter, Blockchain Insider Weekly. 6000+ blockchain firms, investors and other industry insiders can share and receive insider tips for succeeding in blockchain. This includes success stories, business improvement advice and industry trends every Tuesday – free.

How to Succeed in Blockchain

Interviews of blockchain entrepreneurs give readers actionable advice. Startup topics may  include incubators, business naming and funding. Growth topics will include blockchain adoption, resistance, regulation, operations and marketing.

In addition, leadership topics could include company culture, public speaking, hiring, women and green entrepreneurs. You can have your own content added to a future edition by becoming an approved contributor to

Claim Some Blockchain Fame

Feature newsletter articles get pitched to leading business magazines. If you’d like to be interviewed, you can apply here. Editor In Chief, Derek Little says there’s nothing else like it. “Blockchain Insider Weekly is the only news publication that provides blockchain advice. Interviewees can also promote their business through our cause marketing campaign.”

“Thanks a lot for the article. Looks very good to me!”
– Mihail Romanovsky, CMO Openledger

In addition, he said, “My inspiration for creating the newsletter came from interviewing over 50 blockchain entrepreneurs. The Blockchain industry will be worth 2 billion by 2022 and I hope to help usher in this new era of game changing technology.”

About Blockchain Trailblazers is the first blockchain news site to be published on blockchain (As of March 2019). Companies we interview get some added credibility and visibility. Derek Little is Editor-in-Chief of, the first non-profit news site on blockchain for the blockchain industry.