Hate the Social Media Rat Race? You’ll Love This


Interview with Armen Youssefian, CEO, JustHive.com

Do you feel like a hamster on wheel every time you visit a social media website? Do sites like Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat seem self-defeating or pointless? You’re not alone.

Type the words “problem with social media” into Google and you’ll find almost 500 million pages of content. Dangers include stunted non-verbal communication, lack of cooperation, being too cliquey, ineffective use of leisure time, excessive drama, sleep deprivation, distractedness, cyberbullying and risk-taking sexual behaviors.

Even former Facebook President Sean Parker has publicly expressed fears about what the social media platform is “doing to our children’s brains.” He called Facebook a “social-validation feedback loop.” How do we stop social media from becoming a vain, meaningless and psychologically exhausting experience?

Armen Youssefian believes he has the answer. He’s invented a new and better social media platform using blockchain. I spoke to him about why he created JustHive, how it works and how it overcomes many of the problems of other social media platforms.

What is JustHive?

“JustHive is a community driven social media platform that does away with the social media rat race. Platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook are all focused on the individual rather than building communities.

And then there are forums like Reddit. They do a much better job of community building, but they aren’t inviting to a user and are primarily browser focused. No one has solved the issue of making forums more accessible to the masses. This is the problem we’re solving with JustHive.

JustHive enables micro forums. These are many different communities within our platform that we call colonies. Each of these groups can be private or public and you can invite anyone you want. Essentially, they’re groups of like-minded people.”

What Motivated You to Create It?

“I’ve tried to be a part of just about every social network you can think of including MySpace, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. At the time I didn’t put a lot of thought into why I used them, but I found I always got bored.

If you don’t have a strong personality, it’s easy to get persuaded by others because you feel like you need their support. But I didn’t need any of that. I want my interactions with people to be based on a common purpose. I want there to be a reasoning behind it. And I felt like sharing personal photos and hoping for “likes” was a waste of time.

Social media that’s just used for keeping up with the Joneses is a huge problem. I see some of my friends in the same situation, too. Let’s be honest. 95% of the people you post that stuff to couldn’t care less. I don’t want my kids to grow up in a world of purposeless time-wasting social media. Done right, social media can be much better.

Forums create great communities but they’re just not user friendly. The user interface is ancient and difficult to understand. There are usually a set of platform rules you must follow before you can sign up or make posts — if you can find them. Before you contribute a post, you have no idea what kind of feedback you’ll get. Suddenly you’re getting trashed by other members because you didn’t realize someone else has asked that question or you didn’t follow a forum rule.

While forums can be great, they’re in need of a huge update. Since everyone is now using a mobile phone, users have higher expectations of what a social platform should be like. I ask many people if they’re on a forum like Reddit and most of them say no because it’s inaccessible. I’m sure Reddit gets lots of visitors, but I think many get intimidated and confused so they don’t end up creating an account and participating in discussions.

What’s Unique About JustHive?

You have lots of ways to express yourself with easy to use tools. You can create your own spaces and give people a way to instantly contribute. For example, let’s say you travelled to a third world country and collected images of people you want to help. On JustHive you can tell your story and let people support you. You could explain your plan to contributors and they could follow you on your journey.

Our patent pending feature called Tiles lets you add any type of media such as videos, images, text, wave files, sound files, or links. A Tile could even be a sign-up form for joining an email list. All these Tiles can be rearranged to create beautiful posts. You don’t have to be a web developer to create beautiful articles online.

Using Tiles will become second nature once you’re a regular user. And you’ll use the same tool for everything. Tiles can also be used for self-expression, such as when you want to create a bio page for yourself or a page to sell merchandise.

We also have a patented technology we call Heat Map that lets you gather feedback on your images. Let’s say you posted a picture of an outfit and you want some feedback. Users can double tap any part of your outfit they like, and those areas where they tapped the most will display with warmer colors on the image. So, it’s easy to get feedback on what people like most.

There’s also voting where you can add multiple images like Emojis. People can vote with different emojis like thumbs up, thumbs down, or a happy face. We’re giving them fun and friendly ways to get feedback on their posts.

What’s Next for JustHive?

“JustHive is now completely built and we’re just putting some finishing touches on the beta version. We use it ourselves daily and we have a few beta users for feedback and QA. The final release will come out in August. Our Pre-ICO is live right now and ends in October.

There’s a lot of marketing we still must to do to build our web presence and get our name out there. It’s unfortunate that ICO’s have got a bit of a bad rap now. You must do a lot of leg work to build up trust with users for fundraising to be successful. That’s what we’re focused on right now.

We want to show them we have a real product with great customer service. We’re doing everything we can to establish ourselves in the ICO community before we make a big push.

If people want to get involved they can visit our website at JustHive.com. There’s a link to our bounty program. This will take them to our bitcoin platform page with a list of stuff they can do to earn tokens such as liking or sharing our posts, making a video about our service, or just hash tagging us.

There’s a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) page they can check out too. This gives them a walkthrough of the entire app. And if someone wants to invest and buy tokens, they can come to our website and complete our Know Your Client (KYC) and terms and conditions agreements.”