7 Publicity Tips for Promoting Blockchain Technology


Your blockchain technology product is on a journey to success. You’ve recognized a problem that needs solving, created the perfect solution and now you’re preparing for your big next step – finding customers and possibly investors to help you grow. But that won’t happen until they discover you.

This article describes 7 publicity tools that can help you reach and captivate your chosen audience. You’ll learn you how to get some free publicity, too.

The Challenge of Marketing Blockchain Technology

It’s been said that all marketing problems can be put into two buckets. The first group is for products that are already in demand, but that have lots of competition. The second group is for brand new products like blockchain technology that have virtually no competition, but little proven demand. Which is the greater marketing challenge?

Your first reaction might be that marketing a new product would be easier since you have no competition. But lots of competition also means lots of customers are ready to buy. Gaining acceptance for a new product can be a far greater challenge because there are multiple steps you must go through; educating people on their problem, gaining their trust, eliminating the risk factors and other issues.

New products are introduced through publicity. Once they become commodities they can be supported through advertising because buyers already know they need one. So if you’ve invented a new product, you need publicity to get your message out there – before someone beats you to it.

7 Tools for Publicizing Your Blockchain Technology

P.T. Barnum once said, “He who is without a newspaper is cut off from his species.” While attending roadshows and conferences may be at the top of your publicity to-do list, there are some written marketing tools you shouldn’t ignore.

A marketing agency or PR firm can help you manage all your marketing content so it has a cumulative impact. But content quality is critical since people today have such short attention spans. And good quality content can be re-purposed into other formats to lower your marketing costs. Free publicity can help, too. Here are 7 types of publicity content you can use to promote your blockchain technology.

  • Press Releases
  • A Press Kit (PDF)
  • News Articles
  • Feature Stories (Interviews)
  • Speeches
  • Opinion/editorial Articles
  • Educational Content (Guides)

1. Press Releases (News releases)

The press release is the workhorse of publicity content. It’s used to tell the media something newsworthy about your business in a short, objective statement. It gives you a chance to build a positive impression about your blockchain technology. But they are time-sensitive, so you’ll need to publish a steady stream of them. Fortunately, there are many types you can use.

  • New product or service
  • Product improvement
  • Publication of new content
  • Award or accolade announcement
  • Upcoming event
  • Contest announcement
  • Promotion or sale announcement
  • New strategic partnership
  • New team hire

Press releases were originally used to gain the attention of the news media so they’d feature you in a article. But today’s press releases are more likely to be published immediately online as news releases.

2. Press Kit (PDF)

A press kit is an information package for giving to media representatives when you attend a blockchain technology event. Or, they can be linked online to your press releases to give readers a more complete news story about you. A press kit typically includes information about your company, its history, team, products, and services.

Press kits save you and others time by researching all your information in advance and putting it in one place. A kit can also increase the chances your story will be told in the way you want it told. There’s no standard format for a press kit, though it often contains your business name, logo, address, website, contact info, and press releases. Yours may also contain a fact sheet, calendar of events, brochure, published articles, biographies of key employees, testimonials, and images with captions.

3. News Articles

New articles publicize the facts of an event or situation. These are based on investigative reporting or sometimes developed from a press release. The subject of the article needs to inform people about something important, interesting, and relevant. This usually appeals to the reader’s “need to know.”

Driven by facts not opinions, news articles must reach the public before they become old news and lose their potency. Free publicity through news articles can increase the credibility of your blockchain technology as well as helping attract people to events you participate in.

4. Feature Stories (Interviews)

Feature news articles are usually human-interest stories that focus on people, opinions, and emotions. They have less urgency than a standard news article and appeal more to the heart than the mind.

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The advantage of feature stories is they can still be relevant months after they were first published. They’re a great way to create top-of-mind awareness and keep your blockchain technology in the public eye. Even if you don’t have any current event to report in a news release, you can always have a feature story written. They’re another great way to get free publicity.

5. Speeches

Public speaking consistently rates as one of the most effective ways to introduce your product or service. A good speech can instantly position you as the expert in your field while adding perceived quality to your products and services.

Speaking can improve your public image as being someone who is trusted, knowledgeable, and respected. Publicizing your participation in an event can also increase your credibility while creating more top-of-mind awareness.

6. Opinion/Editorials

Opinion/editorial articles are a great way to get free publicity. They are a form of persuasive writing that highlights an issue with the goal of winning supporters over to your side of an argument. They can also give people a chance to see the “human side” of your company.

Editorial articles can be used to share opinions in a way that presents your company in a positive light. Further, they can create a greater sense of connection with people by demonstrating how your core values align with theirs.

7. Educational Content

Long before the advertising industry existed, companies used information to build relationships with customers. Educational content has been around for a long time. What used to be known simply as “free information” is now called content marketing. For example:

  • 1732 – Benjamin Franklin used Poor Richard’s Almanac to promote his printing business
  • 1895 – John Deer used The Furrow magazine to promote farm equipment
  • 1900 – Michelin used the Michelin Guide to promote tires

Educational materials build your authority by providing instruction. They may also create a sense of obligation that helps grow your business. Well chosen educational topics can bring an endless stream of free publicity.

How to Get Free Publicity for Your Blockchain Technology

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Content can be posted free by blockchain founders, investors, advisors, and agencies. Further, the site offers a free content builder tool that guides you through the process of developing your news releases, interviews, opinion/editorial articles and educational material.

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