Get Your Blockchain News Posted on Google News


Google released their new version of Google News in March 2018. Now is inviting blockchain startups, event firms, marketing agencies and associations to post the latest news about their organization or their clients on the site for free and get found on Google News – a savings of $147 per single post.

The site features the latest news about the people, products and trends that are making a difference in the blockchain industry. Your news piece will be seen by investors looking for the latest crypto news and investment tips, as well as industry participants and startups looking for the latest information on industry events and services.

Site Founder Derek Little says, “As opposed to other blockchain news sites that are hiring writers to generate news, gets the news from the companies that are making it happen.” 

What Types of Content You Can Post

What makes the website unique is that it only publishes online journalism about Blockchain. This includes news-style articles or videos about people, products and trends of interest to blockchain readers, but does not include blogs or content marketing. Content formats may be feature stories, editorials, press releases, interviews or videos. If you need help developing news content, copywriting services are available. was created by copywriter and marketing consultant, Derek Little after he interviewed numerous blockchain founders. He recognized a need for them to have a stronger voice in the emerging blockchain industry, which is expected to be worth 2.3 billion by 2021. Derek launched his Google News publication to help companies use artificial intelligence from Google to reach a larger audience.

As a regular publisher on you get your own Author/brand Authority page. Google search indexes your page which can feature your logo, social media links, a description of your services and all your published content. As soon as your content is posted on the website it’s also immediately published on the Google News publication for Blockchain Trailblazers. Contact Derek Little to learn more.

Explaining why he created this limited time offer, Derek said, “ is giving the companies who need publicity the most a chance to build their authority and reach people who need to know about their innovative products and ideas.”


Introducing the New Google News