Get Your Blockchain Use Case Posted on Google News

Google released their new version of Google News in March 2018. Now is inviting I.T. leaders and Blockchain Developers a chance to share news about their blockchain use cases and create more awareness for them on Google News.

The site features the latest news about the people, products and trends that are making a difference in the blockchain industry. Your news piece will be seen by industry colleagues and other industry participants looking for the latest information on blockchain.

Site Founder Derek Little says, “ is the first news site to focus on use cases for enterprise blockchain development. All the content is based on first-person interviews.” 

Why Blockchain Use Cases

Bitcoin was the original use case for blockchain. But there are many ways to apply this innovative technology. The Enterprise Blockchain Insider features interviews with I.T. leaders and blockchain entrepreneurs to explore the potential of blockchain. If you’d like to be interviewed, you can apply here. was created by blockchain journalist, Derek Little. He recognized a need for enterprise blockchain to have a stronger voice. The emerging blockchain industry is expected to be 12.4 billion by 2022. Derek launched the Google News publication to help companies use artificial intelligence from Google to reach a larger audience.

Explaining why he created this offer, Derek said, “ is giving the companies who deserve to get noticed a voice for their innovative products and ideas.”

Introducing the New Google News