Editorial Mission

“The higher purpose of BlockchainTrailblazers.com is to help build a better world on blockchain through socially responsible journalism.

To Get the Real Story Behind Blockchain

Cryptocurrency may be grabbing all the headlines, but the real story about blockchain is happening behind the scenes. BlockchainTrailblazers.com explores how blockchain is being used through interviews with I.T. leaders, blockchain developers. The major use cases we focus on include supply chain, Internet of things (IoT), digital identity, digital records and voting.

Nonprofit News

There’s so much sponsored content out there it’s getting hard to tell the news from the advertising. This site is part of the Civil network of newsrooms. This is a blockchain archiving system for ethical, independent journalism. By pledging to the Civil Constitution our site delivers news that meets the following criteria:
  • Accurate
  • Transparent
  • Independent
  • Accountable
  • Ethical
  • Permanent
  • Original
  • Accessible
  • Respectful of user data

There is no fee to be interviewed by BlockchainTrailblazers.com. Derek Litttle is currently carrying all the costs of producing the site, so if you’re interested in supporting independent blockchain journalism, you may want to contribute or take part in our cause marketing campaign.

Our funding goal is to cover the annual cost of producing our weekly newsletter every Trailblazer Tuesday. This includes publishing new content with an original featured article focused on what’s important in blockchain. The main article is based on first-person research with sources cited.

Advertising and Sponsored Content

Other than a webinar series sponsored by TrailblazerWriting.com, advertising and sponsored content are not included on the website.