Editorial Mission

“The purpose of BlockchainTrailblazers.com is to help build a better world on blockchain through vision and innovation.

To Educate You on the Real Story Behind Blockchain

Cryptocurrency is grabbing all the news headlines. But it’s only one of the use cases for blockchain technology. The real story of blockchain is untold.

We interview I.T. leaders and blockchain developers to tell their story. Feature stories introduce interesting new blockchain use cases. This includes supply chain, Internet of things (IoT), digital identity, digital records, voting and others.

To Keep You on the Cutting Edge of Technology

Blockchain is an emerging technology that’s gaining widespread adoption. Enterprises need the latest news to stay competitive and benefit society. Our feature stories provides tips on how your company can make the most of blockchain.

We approach our mission with leadership, quality, honesty, integrity, accountability, and continuous learning. To increase the credibility of our content, our website uses a blockchain archiving system that permanently stamps our articles on blockchain.

To Prevent Patent Trolling and Protect Your Intellectual Property

A patent troll is a person or company that uses patents to file frivolous lawsuits. This is particularly a problem in the U.S. where the burden is on the accused to pay legal costs whether they win or lose. Patent trolling is a looming problem in the blockchain industry. Failed startups may sell their patents to trolls putting others at risk of getting sued. The result could be a crippling of the innovation community. Yet patents are often essential to startups in need of investment, so they’re not going away anytime soon.

Billions of dollars are at stake. BlockchainTrailblazers.com helps you use ‘Defensive Publishing’ as an intellectual property strategy. The disclosure of prior art prevents your own invention from being used against you. Publish in advance on this website and receive a blockchain ledger transaction ID on your preferred blockchain. This will let you remain free to operate while avoiding hefty patent fees and lawsuits. Public disclosure can also be used to prevent someone else from patenting your idea for a year.

To Give You a Voice in the Blockchain Community

In addition to written interviews, BlockchainTrailblazers.com will be launching a podcast series that will go into greater depth on a range of issues impacting the blockchain industry.

Blockchain News, Ethical Publishing

Blockchain Trailblazers.com is committed to ethical publishing.

  • Honest
  • Accurate
  • Transparent
  • Independent
  • Accountable
  • Ethical
  • Permanent
  • Original
  • Accessible
  • Respectful of user data

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No featured stories are sponsored. Some sponsored content is published to cover the cost of website operations. Any content that is sponsored is labelled as “Sponsored Content.”