Dylan Sharkey Spoke at Blockchain Expo North America


Blockchain Speakers Interview Series

The Blockchain Expo conference arrived in Santa Clara on 28-29 November 2018. The conference featured notable experts exploring the industries set to be disrupted most by blockchain technology.

Introducing Dylan Sharkey

In 2017 Dylan Sharkey left his role as Head of Sales Solutions for Linkedin’s entire Middle East Region to work full time as a blockchain startup mentor. Now as a venture partner with the Blockchain Open Fund he has helped one of his clients raise $350 million.

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How was your talk meaningful for Blockchain Expo attendees?

“When attendees came to my my panel discussion, “The Secrets to a Successful Start-up,” they learned what VCs look for when evaluating startups. This included what our due diligence process looks like, how startups can improve their chances of success, as well as regulatory and geographic factors to consider. I was excited to share the stage with legendary investors like Bill Tai, Sophie Liao and Manny Fernandez.”

What specific tips or insights did attendees get?

“I explained how pure play crypto funds no longer invest in utility tokens only. Crypto funds like ours are becoming more like traditional VCs due to the changing market conditions over the past 12 months. We need equity and/or security tokens.

While ambitious, utopian decentralized dreams are to be applauded, we want to see actual revenue and strong traction with users. Or, at least a clear path to revenue. I’ll also share case studies from one of our highest potential portfolio companies, HODL Finance. This is a  Fintech startup that’s lending fiat currency to consumer and businesses while using major cryptocurrencies as collateral.”

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Why did you decide to give this talk?

“The main objective of our fund is to build bridges between the European and North American Blockchain investment communities. We want to network with sophisticated investors, regulators and people building the infrastructure of the next wave of blockchain tech and regulated investment.

We’re also interested in looking at business development, partnership and alliance opportunities for our portfolio companies like HODL Finance. And we’ll be looking to participate in promising startup funding rounds led by other well known US-based Crypto and VC funds.”

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About Blockchain Expo North America

Attendees at Blockchain Expo North America met with over 8,000 + like-minded individuals, 400+ exhibitors such as IBM, SAP, Hyperledger, Stratis, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and Bitfury, in a series of networking opportunities. The Blockchain Expo allowed them to ask questions to the events 250+ thought leading speakers in Q&A sessions.