Dominium Announces New Way to Learn About Real Estate Investing on Reddit


Dominium, the multi-lingual property platform using blockchain technology is pleased to announce their new subreddit (forum) on

It was created specifically for the majority of real estate investors who can benefit from the platform but don’t know about it yet. The average real estate investor can get their questions answered while existing members can access product support or suggest product improvements.

Further, educational events such as the Dominium Author AMA series will be held in their subreddit. These discussions will feature experts on real estate investing who will host an AMA (Ask Me Anything) event on their area of expertise.  

Esther Dekker, Dominium Property Director said, “We created this forum to educate the global community of real estate investors on Dominium’s vision and how it works. We are hoping Reddit is a good place to make this happen.”

A quick overview of Dominium platform benefits are available in the subreddit for new visitors who are invited to subscribe, ask questions and add comments. Once subscribed, you are automatically notified on your Reddit homepage of new Dominium discussions or upcoming events. Live chat is also available for you to ask questions and get platform support.

Derek Little, Forum Moderator says, “The great thing about having a subreddit is that Dominium can build an online community where many of their future customers already are—on Reddit.”

Further, he added, “I’ll be monitoring the forum closely to ensure that home sellers, estate agents, real estate investors, authorities or tax professionals can discuss their needs and get advice in a safe and trusted environment.”

After nearly 200 years in the real estate business, German firm Munte Immobilien and Max Property Group created Dominium using the Ardor blockchain system to help professionals, authorities, organizations and investors succeed through a global centralized marketplace for all property related activities.

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