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 “Advice from blockchain security expert Vince Romney, Founder of SK2Tech.”

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3 Cybersecurity Tips to Reduce Your Blockchain Risk
Vincent Romney speaker at Blockchain Expo North AmericaUS Air Force trained Vince Romney warns that you must implement blockchain security correctly or you’ll be as exposed as if you didn’t do it at all. As CTO of SK2Tech he helps a wide spectrum of companies with blockchain security. Their two main areas of focus are identification for access management and data at rest. He offers three tips for assessing your blockchain risk. Read article.

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Trends in Blockchain-related Hacking
US $266 million dollars worth of cryptocurreny was stolen in 2017. By third quarter 2018 that amount had jumped 3.5 times to 927 million.

Cybersecurity and the blockchain – technology for our safety
Vincent Romney participates in a 2018 panel discussion about the causes of inadequate blockchain security and what to do about it. The event was hosted by Blockchain EXPO North America.


herbert norman schwartzkopf jr.
United States Army General, Herbert Norman Schwarzkopf Jr.

“The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war.”
– Norman Schwarzkopf

“Stormin” Norman Schwarzkopf was a United States Army General who led coalition forces in the gulf war.

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How to Find Blockchain Customers Who Need Your Help
Marketing is a battle you must win for your business is to survive. Customers that need your help are out there. But they don’t know what they need or who to trust. This marketing tool lets you reach them with the information they want. Read article.

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