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 “Advice from Stephan Nilsson, CEO of Unisot.”

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How to Reduce Your SAP Supply Chain Costs 10 to 100 Times with Blockchain

Stephan Nilssen
Stephan Nilssen, CEO Unisot

Stephan Nilsson, CEO of Unisot said, “Our company is in discussions with the largest fish farm in the world to implement a quality tracking system running on blockchain.”

Nilsson’s firm offers a global permissionless business network and marketplace platform based on blockchain. For companies that run on SAP, Nilsson gives you three steps to reduce your supply chain costs by 10-100 times. Read article.

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How Blockchain Can Address Issues Hampering the Supply Chain

Issues with traditional supply chains
How blockchain could address these problems
Lack of responsivenessNear real-time
Lack of traceabilityAudit trail for all transactions
Largely manual processingDigitalized means quicker
Reconciliation burdenSingle shared source of truth
Regulatory complianceTamper-proof data is easily verifiable
Risks involved with multiple stakeholdersImmutable - secure against undesired changes

Do Fish Farms Need a Blockchain Solution?
Salmon farming may be creating risks for both the environment and human health. Is it a problem that blockchain can solve?


satoshi nakamoto
Satoshi Nakamoto, Founder Bitcoin

“I’ve developed a new open source P2P e-cash system called Bitcoin. It’s completely decentralized, with no central server or trusted parties, because everything is based on crypto proof instead of trust.”
– Satoshi Nakamoto

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Reaching Supply Chain Markets
Sponsored content is one of the most effective ways for a blockchain firm to reach out to the supply chain industry. The chart below explains the reasons why you would use it. Full report (see pg. 30)

Webinar on Reaching the Supply Chain Industry
This new webinar series introduces you to the best ways to reach out to the supply chain industry. Get Details

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