Adam Lesh Spoke at Blockchain Expo North America


Blockchain Speakers Interview Series

The Blockchain Expo conference arrived in Santa Clara on 28-29 November 2018. The conference featured notable experts exploring the industries set to be disrupted most by blockchain technology.

Introducing Adam Lesh

Adam Lesh is the VP of Technology for SingularDTV, a blockchain entertainment studio. They develop a media supply chain to empower independent artists (film, TV, music, eBooks and podcasts) to own, control and monetize their content. Prior to joining SingularDTV, Adam spent over 20 years in various technology positions in the entertainment industry. He now uses blockchain technology to solve pain points for independent Artists.

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How was your talk meaningful for Blockchain Expo attendees?

“Not everyone knows how difficult it is for artists to monetize their content. There are barriers to entry, middlemen and accounting practices that diminish revenue streams. The term “starving artist” is real. I’ll explain how blockchain technology can smash barriers, cut out the middleman and add transparency so artists can start making money doing what they love.”

What specific tips or insights did attendees get?

“Tokens and smart contracts can maximize an artists revenue. I demonstrated how artists can tokenize themselves and their Intellectual property (IP). Then, I gave details on how they can use their tokens to manage their rights, royalties and revenue. I answered other questions too like; How do multiple participants share rights to content? How do Artists manage their rights over the years? What’s possible today and as blockchain technology evolves? All was revealed.”

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Why did you decide to give this talk?

“SingularDTV’s founders launched the company because they were dissatisfied with the status quo. They discovered how blockchain can help content creators and wanted to improve the situation for all the unfulfilled independent artists out there. SingularDTV is dedicated to educating independent artists how to use blockchain to manage their own intellectual property (IP).”

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About Blockchain Expo North America

Attendees at Blockchain Expo North America met with over 8,000 + like-minded individuals, 400+ exhibitors such as IBM, SAP, Hyperledger, Stratis, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and Bitfury, in a series of networking opportunities. The Blockchain Expo allowed them to ask questions to the events 250+ thought leading speakers in Q&A sessions.